Lenz Space Dryer 1.0
Lenz Space Dryer 1.0
Lenz Space Dryer 1.0 Lenz Space Dryer 1.0

LENZ shoe and glove warmers SPACE DRYER 1.0

Effective shoe and glove dryer for: work, fishing, hunting, golf, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, running, hiking and trekking, snowboarding, cycling, horse riding u.c.

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Lenz Space Dryer 1.0 is a comfortable and powerful dryer for sports shoes, ski boots and gloves. Comes in handy two-hose design. Plug it in the socket and the warmth is already spreading. Warming is especially gentle thanks to temperature control and protection against overheating. Plus, the nasty moisture, bacteria and unpleasant odour is taken care of.

  • PTC heating element with heat exchanger
  • 3 various drying times, individually programmable
  • gentle against all sorts of shoes and gloves
  • temperature control
  • flexible design
  • protection against overheating
  • durable plastic housing
  • ideal for all types of boots thanks to the long tubes
  • power: 2x25 watt
  • EU - 240 VAC / 50 Hz