Reduced price! SIS Rego Rapid Recovery 500g Vanilla

SIS Rego Rapid Recovery 500g Vanilla

Science in Sport recovery formula for athletes, disguised in pleasant vanilla taste. Recovers the lost energy, electrolytes and protein (20g in a single portion). For use after the exercise.

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Science in Sport carbohydrate and protein formula that secures rapid recovery after an exhausting training or competition. Contains a mixture of easy-to-digest carbs, protein, as also electrolytes (with vitamins and minerals). Hand in hand, they take care of proper recovery, when the drink is consumer after the exercise.

  • 20g of protein within a single portion
  • Two grams of leicine in a single portion, recovers muscle cells
  • Lactose free

It is suggested to use 50g of powder on 500ml water, 30 minutes after the end of race/exercise/training.

100gPortion 50g
from those sugars10g5.1g
from those saturated 0.4g0.2g


Vitamins and minerals

Potassium600mg 30%300mg 15%
Vitamin D2.0ug 40%1.0ug 20%
Vitamin E5.6mg 46%2.8mg 28%
Vitamin C48mg 60%24mg 30%
Thiamine1.0mg 90%0.5mg 45%
Riboflavin1.2mg 84%0.6mg 42%
Niacin14.6mg 90%7.3mg 45%
Vitamin B61.6mg 114%0.8mg 57%
Folic acid100ug 50%50ug 25%
Vitamin B120.8ug 32%0.4ug 16%
Biotin36ug 72%18ug 36%
Vitamin B53.0mg 50%1.5mg 25%
Iron4.8mg 34%2.4mg 17%
Magnesium114mg 30%57mg 15%
Zinc4.0mg 40%2.0mg 20%
Iodine46ug 30%23ug 15%