ELEVEN set DOTS black compression socks + headband

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Playful long compression socks for athletes, sports enthuasists and simply active people. One of our best-sellers. Keeps legs comfortable, prevents swelling under heavy loads and helps with the recovery after long day or training/race. Elegant, yet playful design and colours that fit various styles.

ELEVEN long compression socks make sure that You train harder, longer and recover faster than usual. Are You experiencing headache from all the feet pain, low blood circulation and swelling ankles? Let compression socks deal with these challenges!

  • COMFORT is the key, and our compression socks can be worn without worries for as long as You need - does not matter if it's simply work, travel or sports - wear them anywhere and anytime
  • MADE FOR YOUR: for professional athletes and amateurs, Sunday football players, children, adults and pensioners etc.
  • FITS ALL ACTIVITIES beginning with cycling, running, hikes, fitness, cross-fit, during pregnancy, walks in the forest;
  • IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION: helps securing healthy blood flow
  • NATURAL HELP for fighting against varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, extensor tendonitis, swelling ankles
  • NECESSARY DAILY: how much time do You spend at work standing on feet? Too much? Then give it a try and test compression socks
  • FOR TRAVELERS: if You are a frequent traveler (plane/car/motorbike), then this is an answer for heavy feet
  • QUICKER RECOVERY: encourages faster recovery after tiring activities and long training rides
  • FASTER RECOVERY after endurance race, training or exhausting activity on feet. 
  • IMPROVED performance and stability during your training. Compression socks prevent cramps and muscle tiredness.
  • According to RAL GZ 387 standard, these compression socks are characterized by 18-21mm Hg pressure.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL characteristics: socks contain polypropylene certified Prolen Siltex fibers, modified with silver ions (AG+).
  • Thanks to well designed seam points, the toe zone is without seams.
  • COMPOSITION: 80% polyamide, 8% polypropylene Siltex un 12% elastane;
  • PROUDLY made in Czechia, European Union, including the design process and the product manufacturing.
  • ELEVEN SPORTSWEAR stands for its products and guarantees high quality, as well as longevity (when the customer follows terms of use).
  • If you are not satisfied, feel free to contact us and tell us what's wrong. We will find a solution!
Size UK2-5 6-910-13
Size CM22-2526-2930-33
Size EU36-3940-4445-48

*we advise you to choose compression socks according to feet length. If you are not sure about the compatibility, measure the circumference of the widest part of your calf (in cm):

  • S ( < 37cm)
  • M-L ( <   41cm)
  • XL ( <  48cm)

lietošanas noteikumi

Wash: we suggest washing socks by hands, up to 40°C.

Packaging: standard package by manufacturer.

Two year guarantee, from the moment of purchase, only when the client has followed terms & conditions.

Universal headband fits You all year long, both indoors and outdoors. Created to offer pleasant comfort, while You are enjoying favourite activities and hobbies. During warm days headband prevents sweat and moisture from sliding into the eyes, but during the cold time it keeps ears warm and safe.

  • Suitable for every activity imaginable: running, cycling trainings, bike commutes to work, hikes with friends, cross-country skiing, cross-fit activities, while walking dog etc.
  • Winter, spring, summer and autumn, this headband fits all four seasons thanks to its durability
  • Protects ears from the winter cold
  • Comfortable and light-weight material
  • Breathable high-quality fabric repels moisture and sweat
  • Washing machine compatible and dries fast
  • Made in Czechia, from design to manufacturing
  • High quality product for friendly price
  • Colorful and fun design, You will stand out in crowd
  • ELEVEN SPORTSWEAR stands for its products and guarantees 100% satisfaction. If You are not satisfied, feel free to contact us and explain the worries. We will make a compromising deal!

DOLOMITI - 85% PES, 15% LYCRA® / weight: 250g on square meter / quality double sided elastic material that includes the patented CYCRA POWER fiber and creates natural inner isolation for supreme comfort during cold weather