Eleven Sportswear Latvia offers custom design sports clothing and accessories for individual athletes, companies, event organizers, sports teams, clubs, and simply active people. We will listen to your wishes, co-operate during the design creation process, and as a result - unique products are created and ready to see the world. Materials of highest quality, innovative printing technologies and attractive design. The prices listed below are max prices per single item. 

If you have any questions regarding custom design process, feel free to contact us via phone (+37125555524) or email (info@eleven-sportswear.lv).

There are no maximum limits for your order, namely, it is possible to order 100, 200 or 1000 sports uniforms or accessories. Discounts apply for orders of larger volume, such as 10+ cycling uniforms. The custom sports accessories and clothing is manufactured in Czechia, within 4-6 weeks.