ELEVEN SPORTSWEAR is the Czechia's leading sports clothing and accessories manufacturer that provides wide range of products both for leisure activities and for serious sports - amateurs and professionals. Company was born on the 11th of January 2004, and the story around number eleven is based on one of the founders, who used to wear baseball shirt with such number.

Throughout these years Eleven Sportswear has acummulated priceless knowledge and experience, transfering it further into its products and constantly encouraging innovation. As a result, unique products are created with Eleven Sportswear signature characteristics, starting from the compression socks and continuing with sports beanies, universal scarves and other products. All of them are proudly marked, designed and manufactured in state-of-art headquarters of Jablonec nad Nisou, near Liberec.

Sports products for wide, wide spectrum of activities - cycling, running, athletics, triathlon, cross-country skiing, cross-fit, other sports, relaxing yoga, hiking, adventures in the mountains, daily use -, high quality manufacturing technologies, innovation and quality materials. These are the qualities that characterize Eleven Sportswear brand!

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method is done with Japanese printers Mimaki, Italian colours J-Teckna and Swiss paper Transjet with FSC certification. With such su method colorus transform into gas with the help of temperature and pressure. It results into perfect colour transfer into the material's fibre structure, as demonstrated by our compression socks. Therefore colours are strong, long-lasting, with great durability.

HIGH QUALITY FABRICS are tested and chosen in collaboration with Italian brands Plastotex, Carvico, M.I.T.I, french ESF and others. Products and materials are accuratelly tested before joining the company's portfolio and moving to the production process. 

SEWING processes, material cutting, further editing and sorting is done by the Eleven Sportswear professional team of employees, who use CAD software. Skilled seamstresses further create products and samples within Eleven Sportswear workship, located in Jablonec headquarters. To secure the completion of growing orders and high demand, company established several workshops around the Czechia.

DESIGN: in order to keep our clients and partners in whole Europe satisfied and to constantly offer new exiting products, we have established our own design studio. That is the place where designs are made based on client needs preferences, as also all the processes for securing smooth manufacturing and product delivery are done properly.

QUALITY CONTROL is a key factor, and before sending out or products we test all of them and compare the production sheets with results. Before packaging each product - compression socks, cycling socks, winter beanies, headbands - is labeled with description, size and other characteristics. Further comes the visual inspection, documentation report and delivery to clients.