• "Compression socks are not only for recovery"

    Dzintars wears Eleven long compression socks not only in the recovery process or during low intensity training runs, but also during competitions and under max intensity/load as these socks  are comfortable and do not have distruptive effect.

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  • What do researches tell us about compression socks?

    Compression socks are certainly experiencing increase in popularity, and they comfort the legs of more and more people. These socks are worn not only by endurance athletes (long distance runners, trail runners, triathlonists, cyclists), but also by active travellers (long hours on the plane, longer car rides), hikers, mountain explorers, soon-to-be mothers, and even those whose daily job require a lot of hours spent 'on legs'. For some socks help in recovery process after long training, while for others it is a key supporter during long runs.

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